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excrete sodium chloride is more marked than is the percentage de-
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selves. There has been nothing In New York within twenty years
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a specific apparatus, which exists only in vegetable or animal or-
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\ Tie following article dealing with this question in detail should serve in the nature
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were an adherent portion of placenta and a partial per-
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faces was noticed in many cases, and also the spread of the
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cleated red corpuscles may be scarce. There are also some rare cases
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lourless corpuscular elements of the blood the leg presented that chronic thickening
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collapse from haemorrhage may be so great that the patient's
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The first class is made up of those of traumatic origin and
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Other Muscle cramps, hyperhidrosis. impotence, blurred vision, taste alteration, tinnitus.
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2. Simple ulcers, due to prolapse or a pessary, or cauteriza-
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about four inches of the gut ; suture of the divided ends
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aggeration of its natural folds. This definition, which is too vague, led
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modation. The diagnosis of the errors of refraction by the ophthal-
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the author on account of hoarseness. Tracheal buzzing was present in
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with established bylaws, philosophy, and/or policy.
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whole with a glassful of pickle vinegar, and the gravy of
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tumour can be completely and successfully removed (cured) by operation
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tive, if the skin be hot and the pulse frequent, tartar-emetic or some anti-
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be given to the patient in a vial with directions to
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Acellular Pertussis Vaccines, September 1986. DHHS, 1986, pp 135-138
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If I have said nothing about the removal of jjolypoid
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est intensity. I availed myself of the facilities at my
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Fresh air is admitted by direct openings beneath the
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bilicus, but my case is singular in being perfectly uncomplicated.
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Secondly, that vaccination loses its preventive and protective power
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them through a glass which is opaque to the red but transparent
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The accused stated that the child had hurt itself by licking the cork
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Su)ollen tongue, thinly coated white, but bright red at the tip and mar-
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located not far from Mons in Belgium, I learned that the harquebus
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(2) Case for Diagnosis: Slowly on-coming Cerebellar Ataxia, with Facies
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from serving in the ranks of the army. There is a patent to
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osteo-mielitis del femur. Corresp. med., Madrid, ]8^(i.