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conscious of everything that was going on about him.
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— Wilson. On Morbid Changes in the Optic Nerve. (Dublin
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the advantages it ofiers to the accoucheur. *' Cephalotripsy/'
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difficult to conceive of any explanation for painful auras in these
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The left ventricle of the heart was firmly contraoked ; its other cavi*
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Breathing and pulsation ensued ; but the ill-developed child died in
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they come in contact sufficiently close to contract the disease
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examined fifty-seven cases of fracture without meeting with
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in the cranium of a male child, aged twenty-three months,
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progress of the case. After four weeks of treatment the baby's
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to object to Magdalen Asylums upon the score of cost) would be greatly benefited
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attacks are especially common in patients showing evidence of
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mal weight of 75 kg. (165 pounds) the weight at admission was
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theless, a few days^ maceration in dilute hydrochloric acid shows
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ten distant, when it will be no longer necessary to ask such a
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by headache, want of sleep, breathlessness, giddiness, &c., the bromide
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Maiy A. M — ^ set. 20, and a married woman, was admitted
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not only villages and inns to live in, but trustworthy medical men to
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as they are refreshing and generally well-borne and tend to
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suffer much more mortality than the other divisions, on account of their great in-
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plexity both of the tests and the diversity of opinion as to their
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superior parietal lobule for elaboration. In regard to the history
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arbitrary scale for the interpretation of Ambard's coefl&cient,
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attack of appendicitis or an attack of gall-bladder colic or renal
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The presence of capillary ecchymoses in cases 15 to 27 inclusive
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creation — that he becomes perfectly unmanageable upon the subject, and often
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neither inflammation nor softening of the brain were found, but two spicula of
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them, when the whole army of internal cathartics, calomel and oils of the most power-
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mentioned by Dr. T. Thompson, in his article above quoted, that in
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the least of a lemon tint. The lips and sclerae were pale, his
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themselves by the exercise, and be made more fitting as wives and companions for men.
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out of hospital, was at the rate of 53*6 per cent, of cases in 1867,
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the vicissitudes of the disease that it seems worth while to
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and one from exhaustion. In the case of a very large tumour, the
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2. The disposition of the several parts of the pharyngo-epiglottie
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Catarrh often produces sore throat and bronchitis ; poisonous foods and liquors