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already consumed in these processes," is contradicted by our author. Let
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Besehaffenheit der Proben bei der Vorpruf ung zu besonderem Ver-
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Any applications which destroy the life of the parasite without
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of the worm become lacerated ; this accident is followed by
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cal training, a series of manufacturing departments, and a
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2 " Skiascopy, with a Description of an Apparatus for its Ready
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the Regulation of the Milk Supply in the Country. — J. F.
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accruing paid to the Board of Regents or sued for and
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of Childhood (Medical). — 8. Sir W. S. Church. St. Bart, '$ Hospital Reports, vol. xxiii. — 9.
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anaesthetic on both sides. The Ijilateral affection
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digestive ferments and of much of the food by the tan-
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possessed great natural parts, was well gifted in hands and head,
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lief at the present time is that by the time the germ
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1.2 cm. Myocardium pale. Mitral valve presents a marked thickening and
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given a morning feed of curdled milk a sort of junket- 4 ounces
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as it is shown by the amount of wages paid to teachers, the
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valent whatever. It, therefore, appeai-ed to him that
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respiration. Face pale and cold, voice deep, rough, and hoarse.
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easy egress. This simple procedure will prevent much of
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does not yet suffice to enable us to carry out strictly tliis distinction. The
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tion proceeds. Schulte has confirmed the observation first
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our behalf by all the officers of the institution. To Dr. John
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furnished, well supplemented by clear and helpful cuts ; and the full treatment of operations,
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In that instance the only structure that is said to have been thickened was
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majority of cases require a stretching of the sciatic nerve,
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1885, XXXV, 361.— Ruinbold (F.M.) Bulbous or clubbed
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with those of McCrudden, and although no conclusions can be drawn
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frozen specimens. Unusual consideration is given to embryologic and physiologic
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aerially conveyed. If desired, it would be easy to differentiate the
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(for horses) from 1 to 2 oz. ; of the extract, 20 to 30 gr. Ex-
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Oerebritis (sCT-i-brai'tis, L. oe-re-brt^tis^. {!»,
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But the disease does not by any means always terminate £&tally
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We must bear in mind the fact that the virus of syphilis is
coupled device (CCD) cameras are positioned at different directions to capture images
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here. A bullet shot into the chest may go through the
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too, that prominence scarcely, if ever, occurs to any
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evil consequences which may ensue upon the congestions the parox-
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is zinc oxide, ten parts ; gelatin and water, each thirty parts ; glycerine
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a distance on the hip, or a violent blow or great pressure from mechan-
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inflaences suited to the circumstances peculiar to individual cases of
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Giant posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm
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unprotected, and in a fortnight every one of them was dead.
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Whether occurring Sporadically, or prevailing^ as an epidemic, diph-
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should be taken to render it effectual, entrance of
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the result of the continuous and uniform execution of
the bacteria which have been found on the skin. At any rate, the com-
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tion to Novy's argument that the bacillus should not be able
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upon an object by a standard candle at a distance of 1 foot; at 2
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