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stage — that of collapse — which Di\ Gull directed attention to

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&c. With Forevi'ord by Lt.-General T. H. Goodwin, C.B.,

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matozoa were detected in the liquid mucus of the vagina, or on the dress of a

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distinguish the leukocytes from cells from the renal tubules, the far deeper

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March, 1920, iv, No. 1, p. 63) and by Labbe {Bull, de la Soc. Med.

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which I think it is well always to bear in mind : and

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It is not, however, wholly as teachers of sanitary science and

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incorporated into the wall of the bladder. This was sep-

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xxix, heft i, p. 55, and Henle and Pfeiflfer's ' Bericht,' 1866,

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losis." " Grosch's extensive statistics show that in hip disease,

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author met with two other great systems which so thoroughly

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angina. The glands may suppurate. The mucous membrane of the larynx,