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phantom head. The surface fiducial markers and the target points are then obtained in
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time of its continuance, the circumstances under which it
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thou^t by his wife to be grippe, combined with his brain-praesore
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The method of staining which we used in the early part of our work
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a test as the one employed to determine the catalytic activity of the blood
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the French observers having failed to recognise all the various
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Arch. p. 1. sc. med. 21, No. 1. Atti della R. Acad. med. di Roma 1887.
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universally, altliough perhaps some might be led to conclude otherwise
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case ; it answers splendidly, and with very little manipulation I
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(chiefly round cells.) There was moderate vascular-
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26th. โ€” Patient much worse; pulse 140; orthopncea and aphonia.
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cases of immediate suture in which recovery of function
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/December 1988 โ€” Vol. 85, No. 12 823
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sutures are tied and the angles of the wound closed by a stitch or two.
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is formed, into which fluids may be poured, and they will
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or by disease, and, after death, the epithelium of the air-cells in
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recommended and as universally practiced, as if it is ever to do any good in
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of the blood reaches the intestines, and during the next day or two
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in 558, three days in 498, foiu- daj's in 315, five days in 204, six days in
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could be expected after such a painful accident in a
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arms and forearms. A mere glance at the hand muscles, however,
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loss by evaporation) or beef essence, raw eggs beaten with sugar and water
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right of and above the umbilicus. On palpation, it Avas tender, large,
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Annual Surveillance Report, 3 1 Dec. 1993. Connecticut Department
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calculi or distension from obstruction. The symptoms of choleryM\i,
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This is far more commonly the case in childhood than in those
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ยป Byford, H. T. : Jour. A. M. A.. 1914, lxii. No. 26, p. 2028.
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mentioned symptoms, considerable dry heat of the skin, with extreme
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|i tion of the south โ€” ^^It is surprising that so few pf the physicians in this
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wise who keeps a good long list at the tip of his tongue.
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the hair follicles. These glands secrete an oily substance which
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At the same time, it exerts a protective action on the in-
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that of healthy urine, in proportion to the amount of sugar. The specific
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time he finds it necessary to use extra precautions to
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must be closed in almost entirely by integun)ent ; so
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* L. Lewin, Die Nebenwirkungen d. Aran., third edition, 1899, p. 6; F. A.
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thus sucked up is driven off in a fine cloud of vapor which cov-
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Perforation of the internal Jugular Vein. By Mr. R. W. Smith, 505