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Mental Hygiene ; or an Examination of the Intellect and Passions ; designed to show
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run from them when squeezed, as from a sponge filled with
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It is a fact that under anesthesia there is a diminution of blood-
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run upwards to the medulla in the postero- internal (from
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in those cases of acne rosacea where there is a " red face " with nu-
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The fact that approximately ten times this amount of nitrogen
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Inflammation of heart muscle. Usually occurs in connection
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respiratory murmur was fainter than upon the left side. The patient died
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sened the amount considerably, and proves to be in his hands a
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consisting of plain water, a little albumin water, skimmed milk,
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4. The Nonmedicinal Treatment of Constipation. Samuel G. Gant.
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ment as contrasted with those of the earlier period of antitetanic serum arc in
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eftect on an animal, when lying in the horizontal posture, is a considerable
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tion and the severity of the paroxysm. The potassium carbonate has been
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to detect the presence of a sheet of white paper moving directly
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posits; the deposits being m lumps or beads, along the edges, and caus-
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in any other way from previously-existing cases of the disease, it gains
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carnivora of the same size, while the cecum is an enor-
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operations by the three methods, 1921 were j emetics, were the means of treatment adopt-
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touch one another, or coalesce so as to form extensive tracts. When this
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3. Assuming the theorem of the parallelogram of forces, prove that if
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the etiology of biliary calculi, the opinion is clearly
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ties of myelitis. A few cases had been recorded which justi-
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situation throughout the State. I have just come back from a visit
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from 10 fc to 40 % of the mothers, and that the prospect
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See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription
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has never yet been followed out, and hence definite knowledge is lacking,
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laxative, and are sometimes so used. The powder in small doses
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all the glands affected in all cases of typhoid fe-
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of cataract on the iris, and the redness often from trivial inflammation
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(Munson), and it has been suggested (Dudgeon 3 ) that purpura is the expres-