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different diseases together. There are also mild forms
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papillitis that real benefit to the nerve can accrue in this way.
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the first symptoms may be referred to the paranephric region, and only
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In another, 6 years old — a little boy in Poland, Me., whom Dr. Ro-
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Large Intestine. — The mucous membrane of the coccum
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who would have drifted about from hospital to ordinary con-
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1877 a. — Dermatite cronica ed acaro del fagiano <Gior. di anat., fisiol. e patol.
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58 cases, by Charles M. Alien, M.D., vide N. Y. Journal of Med., Nov. 1851.
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I shall begin by describing the specimen in my posses-
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without a supply of the medicine, and even during his stay at Eden, took it reg-
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relieving any existing ovarian or uterine trouble. In the third lec-
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organisms of malaria and of trypanosomiasis, of Texas fever and east
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ner, February, 1801, and died on the third day after his admission. When
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ing tablespoonful of sugar; pour over the top of the pie.
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capillaries. The whole is enclosed in a mantle of lymphoid cells, occup}ing the
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secretions, probably, in the prolongations io^lo the different glands.
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and 5 — to the effect that latrines erected on the road-
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istration of phenylalanin, and that the ingestion of phenylacetic acid
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peristaltic motion becomes suspended thereby. The chyme then
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Under Wounds, illustrations of the principal organs and cavities
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peutics, is, in a practical view, the most important of the different aspects
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Children's Hospital, Philadelphia; Pediatrist to the Bam-
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year, and one that perhaps you don't know about will be explained by
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the cutaneous surface may be covered with coalescent vesicles.
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filter to remove them from the solution, which we then dilute with dis-
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word, falling upon the ear. drags out, as it were, with little
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graye organic changes in various viscera from the production of ex-
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likely is due to a pyogenic micrococcus, page 264. Of course, the pathogenicity