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In nearly all cases of external violence which do not implicate any of the
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long as there is a chance of saving the pregnancy. Enemata of
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and the nates are wasted and flattened instead of being swollen.
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calories in the formula as it stands, the amount of carbohydrate
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The permanent alteration of voice in Case I. was not
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whether the tongue is moist and white, or brown and dry ; and it
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obtained from a single day's collection of the urine, it must be
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port in the bath. The sheet on which the patient is lifted in
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This brings us to the various theories of auto-intoxica
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and, many times, perhaps, the most unfair and unjust measures are
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Liq. amraoD. acct., spts. cth, nit., aqua camph., aa 5 i. ; chloroform,
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observing its effects in the West. To say nothing of the constant
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habit. To meet the demand of the morphiamaniacs cer-
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3. For the reason given in the preceding paragraph it is necessary
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based on operative cases, show an increased weight of the organ.
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nection with many of the medical colleges of this coun-
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wine, and did not appear to have the slightest suspicion of the trick
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diet. Naunyn has conducted much research in coimection
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mation, and probably was so, which yet consisted solely of fibre form-
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point censors, whose duty it was to examine all students
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sufficient indication of the presence of an abscess. When, however, llie
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I. The number of cases of venereal disease occurring in your pri-
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bronchitis. Inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane may be acute,
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the cough is looser, and the urine becomes again plentiful ; in a
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rov ui^ยป x-xTece-Txa-iui) in situations subject to great heat and mois-