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All instruments for the compression of the femoral artery have

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a couple of years and in 1917 came to Cloquet, con-

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stand the relation of this disease to that constitutional rice, and

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foul tongue, and constipation, or, it may be, diarrhoea. The

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out of health for some years,— had, by several physicians, been de-

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the ether as less powerful and dangerous in its effects ; and to

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Tiiis line, as I have said, was less than two inches

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in old abscess cavities in the lung and in the ear, but apparently in the nose

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in certain epidemics. Carter describes minutely an eruption which was

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nitely more often in rheumatic fever than in any other disease ; and, regarding

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suggest metallic poisoning, and the case may present

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1895, p. cxcvii. — I>ucas (D. F.) Etiology and prophylaxis

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ature, but the judgment of the profession is for the most part against its

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noted that the trend of modem gynecology was largely

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physeal arrest, bone transfer procedures should not be j

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worm usually appears in the stools the third or fourth day, but the thymol is

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cauterized with stick nitrate of silver or pure carbolic acid.

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That Hippocrates* had carefully observed the pheDomena of Traumatic TetaoiiB, b

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The pulverized burnt alum we first saw recommended in the N. O.

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organization in minor medical societies and the consequent in-

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remarkable volume, carefully conceived and minutely elaborated,

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Sir, — Permit me again to trespass on the pages of your

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either to try their fortunes elsewhere, or to take to gene-

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five feet long, and eight inches wide, are placed side by side, and with

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tuberculosis, as in the performance of the rite of circumcision. RaveneP

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progress of the second case it was demonstrated that

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surgeons in the service of the United States, even be-

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