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wards along the upper border of Poupart's ligament with
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when present they consist of lassitude, headache, a furred tongue, loss of
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blood on September 28th. The age of the infection of the
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of bed, swathed round, carried to the operating table, and he had seen
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several inches in thickness. This heart is enormously hj'per-
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spindle-shai)ed rods, often in pairs. In cultures it was usually
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examination develops that she is at fault in other directions. She
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one that 1 wish to suggest in particular is arteriotomy — opening
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duces only a confusion of words in writing. Paragraphia occurs only in transcentral
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lished where recovery had followed early operative interference.
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The oldest of these, if I am not in error, is the College of Physicians and
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particles of brownish debris are often seen to be grouped into cast-like
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Abdomen. — Inspection. — Movements on respiration visible in
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confined, and filtliy houfes, crowded with inhabitants of the
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(b) On the Curubilitj- of Cert-iiu Forma cif Inmnity, E|nli;, &c. *c.,
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Case of Rupture of the Diaphragm (?). — Dr. S. T.
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generally spreads over the whole body and limbs. It
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thought a cretin was apathetic and dull, and did not move around in
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surprised and highly gratified at the remarkably improved
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Looking back over more than four decades to the days of my