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was here, in 1853 or 1854, that an Indian with a bad gunshot wound in his arm

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Holton, was President of Congress in 1780. In addition,

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TTiomas Dateman, J/./>.—" Who was the author (* J. R.') of a Life of Thomas

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21. On the Treatment of Pneumonia : with the Results of One Hundred and

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difficult, indeed impossible, to explain why at certain points in

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persist. Even with very careful preservation, the great majority

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much more than usual oedema with it, as if there were

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similar cliaracter, diluted hydrate of potash may be applied to the sur-

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densely chitinized and turned inwards so as to act as jaws.

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in those countries where polygamy is allowed, using the

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years the established work on Medical Jurisprudence with both the Medical and

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apparently without cause. The rhythm of the pulse is

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years in Florida, and has traveled abroad. He has always

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of the body is reached, as instanced by the escape of softened cheesy

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nutrition, and that it forms the basis of the blood and of the tissues.

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anthrax, and is the ordinary kind which attacks horses and

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this end a few cubic centimeters of urine are treated with an equal

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ated from exudative nephritis, with relation to ori-

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The lymph sinuses were distended with large mononuclear cells,

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Oct. 19 & 29, '03 — Received from insurance 6 00

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calculate what effects may be produced by even a moderate

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muscles is frequently more or less impaired, but in some cases,

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spirit, action, docility, and a most beautiful m.outh, provided he

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■on late, but sometimes manifesting itself at an early period. The most

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known skill by Prof. Sands. For a similar operation, see Drs. Maury and Duh-


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In purulent meningitis the albumin is increased to 300 and even to

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Anatomical Characters. — The morbid appearances of the kidneys

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hyperuricemia and gout, digitalis intoxication (in hypokalemia), decreasing

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Mortality. — It will be seen that the general mortality of this

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the digestive ingredients enables children and delicate patients to easily