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body has been quickly removed. Usually nutrient enemata are
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Pathology. The most probable explanation of these cases ascribes
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gin, bitters, egg, sugar and lime juice, well beaten up with a
very sure they cannot sleep and often will object to lying
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and produces miliary tuberculosis. We are led to this proposition
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In 2 cases it could not be determined whether the ball had re-
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common to a condition or diathesis the essential characteristic
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rangement, and which greatly resembles the acute exanthemata in its
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containing the artery, vein, and pneumogastric nerve,
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Take from four to six times a day. Give at the same time
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Hardingsburg, Ky., Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Oct., 1866, p. 336 ; J. H. Southall, M. D.,
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doning the whole ground, and is quite another matter; for mucus,
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ism. I find in the Experimental Station Record of the
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A local wet pack or hot fomentations to the throat also produce relief.
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way to the house that morning was this : For at least a
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-was living Avith a man who was not her husband. She was
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The bone was found to be entirely flexible, due to a series of
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more than average ability and intelligence, realizing fully their condition,
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ating procedure for documentation must be developed
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excrete sodium chloride is more marked than is the percentage de-
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Horsley, as well as the conclusions drawn from them, amount
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cases be completed without opening the sac, and in other
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officer, following in the wake of so many distinguished gentlemen, your former
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pneumonias, or in about one-fourth of the pneumococcus pneu-
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nasi, with the swelling and enduratiou extending up-
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depends on the position in work volume. Apparently it is not suitable for high precision
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tal insusceptibility to a given disease, from which others of the
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cle which is now fathered on Dr. Dill, sidcring all the above circumstances,
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The application of cold water over the whole surface of the body, either by
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of this series, shows that results are similar to those of the first set.
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as a good anaesthetic. Internally I have found a grain of iodoform