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elements they first imagined how these might be combined and built up

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year of age. This soft, thin condition of tiie bones is due to pressure

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teristic umbilicated nodules, are the most reliable points. The appear-

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pericardial structures or from the pleura, particularly the left. This is a

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in the fourth and fifth interspaces, and in left-sided pleurisy to the right

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dustrial world. We must be optimistic with regard to this ques-

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than the kidney and into the mucous membranes, there also being mild

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Other remedies that possess great value in certain cases are creasote

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posture, than in pericarditis. No friction-murmurs are heard and no

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or slightly blood-stained. In reaction it is usually alkaline; very rarely

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convulsions), and I have repeatedly observed a dangerous, and in one

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the retina, spreads them out, and assumes a flame-shaped appearance.

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greatest degree of shrinking and crumpling occurs. The most character-

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is usually greater, the tactile sense is apt to be lost, and possibly the

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In many instances there is positive retraction, leading to thoracic defor-

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of HCl and of the gastric ferm.ents {gastritis atroj^hicans). Ewald has

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sort in which the diagnosis was undetermined until laparotomy was

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suppurations, and in sarcomatous disease of the spinal cord, though the

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state, of mouth-breathing (due to nasal obstruction), and of diabetes.

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The following circular letter from the special committee on

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and hence these affections often coexist. It may be secondary to aortic

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ternal carotid or internal maxillary arteries, and fatal hemorrhage occur,

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the special direction taken by the regurgitant current determines largely

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peritonitis, the latter two having been already considered.

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My table of cases includes 24, exclusive of 16 reported by Fitz, in

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ing outward to the thickened pleura. Such growths may undergo soft-

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pressed upon by the eff'usion, thus impeding to a greater or lesser extent

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it, she may then wear it for an indefinite period. The mistake in

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manner be restricted, with the gradual development of interstitial pneu-

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purposely prepared for those who merely desire a good working knowl-

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swallowing is not due alone to mechanical stenosis, but partly to the

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cultures are made from the sputum and an autogenous vaccine is prepared

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in character. These symptoms resemble those of cholemia {vide Hepatic

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very commonly met with at autopsy in subjects who during life had

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so-called peptones discovered by Devoto's and other methods are really

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consequence of sarcoma. It may occur in children or in young adults.

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to 39.4° C), with slight acceleration of the pulse; and there may be

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epidemics, is probably developed only under certain favorable conditions