Amantadine Sulphate Uses

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occur, but this responds readily to dosage cumulation of salicylate and PABA. Supply:
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inflamnmtion of the brain, 1 ; disease of the brain, 2; burned, 2; cancer, 5; cyanosis, 2;
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members of the family are admitted for fifteen minutes.
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detail, could not fail to influence the most sceptical.
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and Keppoch, D. Maclean ; Finnieston, J. Cai*swell ; Anderston, G. Halket ;
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specific gastrointestinal complaints. During clinical trials the overall incidence of adverse events in the elderly was noi
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in rats that the corpus luteum in pregnancy persists during lactation.
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" The preparation I have used was manufactured by Wight-man & Co.,
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believing diphtheria to be due to an organism, selects
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ability to imagine things clearly, and to concentrate the
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ment of the congestion, but if its use be postponed,
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Diseases — Anasarca — Treatment of Typhoid Fever by the
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