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Is it not this adjustment of means to ends that regulates occasionally in some animals the foetal circulation during parturition, from the instant the sanguiferous communication is cut off between the offspring and the parent, until the former respires? And, is it not to the above law and prospective contrivance, that the infant owes its preservation when its life is saved by the Ctesarian operation pills after the death of the mother? Pray, does any blood pass directly from the umbilical arteries into the umbilical vein, while yet the maternal foetal circulation is going on uninterruptedly? If we accede to the affirmative of this interrogation, then we shall admit that a smaller quantity of blood enters the umbilical vein from the uterine system in a given time, than is returned to the placenta by the umbilical arteries from the foetal system within the same period. Treatment may have buy primary syphilis, obtained twenty posi tive reactions.