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accede thereto and thereby ignore the principle so distinctly laid down
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more to the temp;>rature as a guide in the cases now under
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direction. I mean also those suggestions proclaimed in the R'ikw nf
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iron or steel, whicli had presumably at some time escaped
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little risk ; for instance, out of thirty such cases on which I
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tions and midwifeiT- Applications to the I'lerk, at the Union Offices,
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was well enough to come and visit him a week after the acci-
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Officers and Council. — The following gentlemen were elected
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Mr. Cairo read a paper on this subject. He said Nature
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one occasion her temperature rose in the evening to 101° F.
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nation compulsory, and to move that the law compelling
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opinion, hydrate of alumina was not soluble, as stated by the other wit-
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tion, an instructive description is given of the details adopted
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■complicated one, though not difficult of solution if it be corieet that
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of vaccination. Small-pox occurs in difierent forms. I will
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J. BODRKE, G. Y. C. Hunter, B. R. Chatterton, C. B. Prall. C. E.
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with a large suppurating bubo in the left groin, consequent
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peritoneal surface of the roof of the vagina— that is, imme-
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13, 14, or 15 days. In 3 cases only is the period believed to
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Professor of Surgery and Clinical and Operative Surgery, Grant Medical
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London. (J) Dr. L. Jones, Cambridge ; Mrs. Joy, Northwold ; Dr. E. H.
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POGSON, \V., F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.Edin., reappointed Medical Officer of
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local cell proliferation around the seat of injury. In this pro-
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its surfaces. The temperature was lower and more regular
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London ; Dr. M. A. Fenton, Coventry ; Mr. E. J. Fernandez, Banbury;
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sorcery. In the country they are greatly respected, frequently
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Some interesting particulars as to the present condition of medical edu-
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I. Spriggs, Guy's Hospital; P. B. Spurgin, St. Marv's Hospital; E.
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pink substance. This material is alleged by the author to be
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' "^.'"'&. E. Herman, M.B., President, in the Chair,
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tion, and he had applied the long forceps, but could make no
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which did not communicate. The larger sac was the more
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we cannot tell, we cannot even conjecture, what processes may
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the Honorary Secretary. The subjects will be announced in the British
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anil July, 18W3, no fewer than l.iSwill have thus been promoted, advanc-
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example, under apomorphinnni hydrochloricum are given its
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which abdominal section was performed for rupture of the sac.
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tion to the Smithsonian Institution, the income from a part of whicli