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was ordered to have five minims of tincture of opium, every three hours, in half

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vr'^ Agraphia or an arteciion of the writing centre, which

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sible in every case, we find the phenomena to be, generally

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( Ayers ") ; with slight rotary movement (Stout) ; ex-

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covered with whity-yellow, croupy masses, and is ulcerated.

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senting analgesia of both sides of the face and of the

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removed in twenty-five hours by extension of the spine. But every patho-

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scopic examination alone, as the fluid from the ureter does not materially

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some of the reputed instances of paraplegia from uterine

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Article IV The Relation of Ti-a Drinking to Nervous Disorders.

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other organ. 4. The ease and facility with which the tumor

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geons met to cut it off, and twice did I enter a protest ; the second

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hours. The patient made an uninterrupted recovery, and left

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ing rods of a static machine (see page 83), cannot fail to aid

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became extreme. The fontanelles were depressed ; there

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the question as to what amount of meat should be allowed to the chronic

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remarkable condenser action toward the high electromotive forces

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the pathological condition, calls for therapeutical attention.

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disease, as I have records of cases of it in carriage horses, in

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medical clinician. It may be accepted as final that no gall stone can

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lesions.'''' The most intense fever, restlessness, cries, spas-

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most limited observation refutes the second of these proposi-

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most of the major genera, including all of the poten-

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On motion of Dr. A. J. French, it was voted that " Dr. I. T.

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and Horace Lathrop, of Cooperstown. Secretary and Treasurer, Dr. R. J.

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resection of the superior and inferior maxillary bones. This

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