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organ performsthe function of another. This is a popular opinion,and

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ing, die annually from diseases of the respiratory organs, and 3.3 in

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Collation: Four paper fly-leaves (i 4 .), i, 1. 2. attached. || i 3<4) , 2 4 , 3", 4 4 -27 4 , 28 3(4) , 20/-44 4 ,

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fresh water. It is supposed that she must have swallowed it in

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efficient means we possess of reducing inflammatory action; and were

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for a very long time. Many cases occur in which it is

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Discuss 2 or more actions to take when blood sugar is high.

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will be driven by the conditions present to shorten the duration

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Double, one of its most zealous and learned members is dead. A

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of this disease is transitory attacks of aphasia, monoplegias,

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present, I have not met with this complication. CEdema, as

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chapters are called Epistola; | Hippocratis j Then there are Theodori Medici Ammonitio | Then

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The MS. consists of two parts. Part I. contains 2 folios of " Contents." Then fly-leaf

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Inauguration of the Medical Faculty of the New York Univer-

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of a 5 per cent, solution of cocaine and alypine may be introduced into

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Nauwerck and Moritz publish a remarkable example of the

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tion that presents a suspicious or doubtful character.