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they are often paralyzed when the arms are not, and that they frequently
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is most perilous in itself is most frequently accompanied by
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cannot be based upon a simple knowledge of these pro-
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canal. He slept much of the time, and had a good appetite.
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and dress with zinc oxide ointment. Lead acetate with
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ington Bar. After the Secretary of War had dissolved the first
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every elevation of the temperature a febrile one, but
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surely a remarkable feature in the action of arsenic, that its
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Promotion of Experimental Researches :" — John P. Gassiot,
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may be avoided by excluding from the computation all
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Group 2 : seven mice were kUled 3 days after the x-ray treatment without hav-
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tient, and I see no possible use that there could be in
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disease is most frequently met with in large herds in which there
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not show signs of abating after the serum and other treatment
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the subject to ingest a large volume of water through a period of four days and
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experience, and he gave us to distinctly understand that he wanted
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persons who lived in the best quarters of Cottonera ; but
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periodicals, and quarterly magazines which regularly appear at stated
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usually rapid and easy, and the entire labor lasted less than an
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does not yet suffice to enable us to carry out strictly tliis distinction. The
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difficulties in the living subject; so great indeed are
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Reception Committee: Dr. Tufiiell and Dr. Cruise. It was
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must have l)een gradual, from the slow approach of the fatal symptoms.
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so conspicuously on our shoulder, as was the case for Wilner during the entire last decade of his brief life.
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pointed out the necessity of graded classes. It showed
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London the mortality has been reduced from 27 per cent, to 10 per
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days, and following this for two days the urine would
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resident members of the medical profession residing in Bar
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are to be dated from the researches of Virchow, in 1847, and those of
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equally as bad, the complication of bronchitis spoken of
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France the controversy raged with unabated passion as to the