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diagnosis of cancer of the liver. That diagnosis must rest upon a
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three cases, in all, save three, the histories show a greater or less change
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A little mental journey now and again into the foggy cerebral
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it contains a substance analogous to a vegetable alkaloid, and which they term
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minute, and the temperature rises to 105° F., or even lugher. The
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stupefaction as follows : — * Tho consultation-room of Dr. X,
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38 Bell : A Hclieine for National Physical Education
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626 Dropsy from obstruction of Circulation of Blood through Liver.
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ing stomach diseases, as it has a very soothing influence
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13. John B. Henderson, of Mississippi; on Cinchona.
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teen were fatal. Should the ureters be wounded, the accident,
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to Treat the Systemic Condition of His Patients? CAROLtJS M.
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method for remedying aneurism of a traumatic origin, since the great principle
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etc. ((ireenhow). Patches of leukoderma may be seen here and there, in marked
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The local or regional diagnosis is to be made as in eases of myelitis or
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the elimination of acetone is but little, if at all, in
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latest investigations by Pawlow digestion of milk lasts
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or immediate relatives. Among the causes assigned we find inherited
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of cancer of the mamma. Five years ago she began to have some dull pain in the ri^t
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mediately ; temperature before injection, 101.6** F.
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of Hunan has turned over to the Association a large Chinese
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should be ascribed to one or more remedies, or to the natural powers of the patient,
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staff of Hartford Hospital and in recent years taught
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Such attacks are attended with the well known evidences of
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to the face, to the neck, and sometimes to the leg on the same side, and then terminated.
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\ allergy or bronchial asthma; and in those with glucose-
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may not terminate in this generation. No man can hope to
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a twelvemonth as Ilouse-Surgeou in the Koyal Infirmary, and
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in 1793, succeeding a long interval of comparative exemption,
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brought to Leopoldville (104°), and on the following day, July 19,
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the Board of Health Avere obliged to shoulder the whole
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pation is not by any means conclusive evidence against the occur-