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duct," and he also published the first exhaustive treatise
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shall have been passed in the University of Glasgow, and
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tice to arrive at independent opinions as to t) e advisability of o'peration in a large majority of cases. It
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how any devitalised tissue would readily become a fruitful
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operation has been accurately examined. Thus leukaemia is not,
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course, a dangerous one, the hemorrhage being at times
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etc. The writer has seen more than 10 such cases, in 6 of which an operation
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tion seems to have caused but an insignificant percentage of the opera-
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series the infection was undoubtedly ascending, and in 7 hematogenous
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usually precede death. There is profound weakness; the pulse is accel-
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The various reasons put forward for circumcising possess
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behoves us to consider in detail the various symptoms that may arise ;
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rare in dry, elevated sitaations. There is no foundation for the opinion
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wilderness, unknown even to the inhabitants of the few
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other medical procedures such as dermatologic surgery
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magnesia, were given, and in the intervals, phosphate of soda, com-
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And even an hour or two in the average theatre, church
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from two heads— the outer and inner surfisu^es of
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irritation of the vagus combined with dilatation of the peripheral arteries.
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laboratories. Much depends on the satisfactory performance of the SI»iAC 20-
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The latter contains 3 - 4 of fibrin in 1000 parts, whilst the former
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period in the bowels, and cause much griping and irritation ; but these results
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always occur, that is, near the internal os uterL It is easy to under-
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introduction into that standard work. It is still claimed that it
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transmission of the disease by old cases, the judicious attitude
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that standards must vary between the large schools of
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edged by nearly all who have observed it. The proof of its infection,
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It is interesting to note that the duration of anesthesia after
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corpuscles in the blood; it is an essential feature of
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devices as contrary to the very spirit of their liberal profession.
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my w^ork. I would like to call especial attention to
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under than over the mark. The syphilis rate is less