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took a most favorable termination, it is the first one in

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cervix was dilated to the extent I could introduce my finger, but I could

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stones, and all similar obstructions in the ducts of the Uver and pancreas,

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tions — including many not usually employed at the

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tion of the joints was often tenaciously obstinate, persisting for weeks

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fome excellent practical obfervations, which may ferve, in fome

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ala nasi over the upper lip. There were also other cuts on and about

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nurses come, — to give their orders, and they are obeyed.

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proved,) the consequent would be false. Strict temperance,

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Royal Orthopaedic, 2 p.m. ; West London. 2 p.m. ; University College


mixture. The amount of wire to be used depends entirely

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twenty minutes in a bath tub containing about six inches depth of water

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pupillary reaction; but von Leyden quite properly substituted for this expression

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our progress along scientific lines. Just what these

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to this brush discharge, which assumed a peculiar forked nature

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usually caries of the bone. Though often commencing in early childhood,

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In scarlatina, for instance, we shall have to recur to similar explana-

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chronic diseases which frequently develop under opposite conditions?

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nosis was dependent on the extent of the injury. As

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44. The General Secretary and Treasurer shall receive all moneys, and lodge

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*' Experimental Science in relation to General Education."

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Case 160. — Operator, Lloyd, 1896. Case 10. D. region ; duration. 2

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stomach or elsewhere giving rise to dyspepsia. Such were

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crumb was in no part a portion of the lungs, nor was necessary to their healthful

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the other hand, the patient has improved with a rest and with

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a severe and frequent cough, and a rust-coloured expectoration.

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colique transverse," which he regarded as the contracted

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these elements. The pathological view just stated, however, is purely

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U.S.A.; Thomas Connell, private, U.S.A.; Joseph Elli-

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a stimulant to the gastric secretion. But why should this period between

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2. The placenta plays a very important role in the transmission

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proximal phalanx of the ring-finger. The male stoops much

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Diseases of the Ear. (Wien. Med. Woch., No. 73. Anatomical

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Dr. Armiu Huber of Zurich, Switzerland, reports a case of a

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This is shown by the following statistical tables : -

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excellent book a favorable notice in our issue for March 21,

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can be laid down governing it. It is a very significant fact that the

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to diseases produced by no known or definable influence of