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disease or a part of it that repeat themselves during the course of

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The objections to the use of these bougies are in con-

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The duct of the pancreas (ductus Wirsuncjii) passes from left to

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culi, making it thereby easier digestible ; and secondly,

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of a hoarseness which had lasted two years, and which had resisted a great

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theory of phlebectasis is still deficient in an important part."

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satisfied ourselves that, previously to its assuming this ulcer-

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had seen a case in which an experienced gynecologist had perforated the

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looked upon as a visionary thing, but it has been verified and confirmed by

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gives a better reaction with a shaken serum than with a normal E-piece

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the method of exclusion and inductive reasoning. If

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have seen, may result from an orchitis. Thus, in case of atrophy, we

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good size. He had seen some very satisfactory results

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Board in Calcutta, the duties of which post he discharged in

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however, the best of books, the Bible ; the younger children had

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the air-cells of the superior and anterior portions is another effect, and, in

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erally. In recent cases, the best local treatment is by leeches or wet

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question cannot be said to be definitely settled. At present it is perhaps

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that they seem fairly to have deserved the name hitherto of

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" shine" claimed, and even if they were a handsome profit is

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fully recommend its adoption by our professional brethren generally."

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hility is much more likely to result when the connection of all the mus-

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definitely established the spirit is encouraging and the effort

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stage of butterflies, they have six pairs of beautifully constructed natatory legs,

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knowledge of these conditions, which perhaps all surgeons do not possess to a

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years of age. Elsewhere, a law mandating helmet usage by

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too often the patient is in a condition of complete

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increased the rapidity of the current, and it only began to di-

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the performance of voluntary movements, or an actual want of power

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den's observation upon this point. " Those who choose to in-

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tion de aa nature inflammatoire. Ann. de dermat. et

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the term high frequency currents, the problems of the

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unity of the disease in its different manifestations. With regard

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it ±ere. Z'o a:-t lilow the inimai :. ro'.I :: r "an ' - i' ■ i-.-i. -n . k^-ct? "hr

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on healthy persons are mydriasis, a certain amount of

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