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brane of the false nostril to that of the opposite side. The ex-
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Within certain limits, I accordingly call in the aid of fetid and tonic medicines j
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disease. It is generally preceded by an acute infectious disease : typhoid
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cent are from causes outside of the pelvis and it makes no difference
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grene is less liable to cause degeneration of nerves except
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one, of weak arterial action, he proceeds to apply it to the
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bands in most of the ciliograde acalepha for the support of those
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former study from the registrar's report I have included in
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diaappeantnoe of warts to the action of the so-called sympathetic reme*
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except it is not so rapid, possibly, as emetine given hypodermically would
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the making of a serum the result of all the varieties pathogenic
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ized by alarming and extensive dense oedema caused by the
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centigramme is injected beneath the skin, or into the saphenous vein, of a dog,
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to; but this avails little, unless it be associated with
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rectum than in any other part of the great intestine. This
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tying of sutures — were attended with considerable pain. Tenot-
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The reader will compare this language, published in
and all stages of degeneration are seen in the axons and dendrons. In
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several kinds at once, and in any iirojjortions, from one of phosphoric acid to one
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long as he is looking down at his feet totters and falls when he is made to-
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101°; the cough is better; sputum is muco-purulent,
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flammatory conditions and deafness. An insufficient or entirely lacking paa-
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been found of not much utility in this disease. Dr, Willan, how^
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the essential characteristics of nervous tissue were
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professors who are exponents of and believers in the thirtieth decimal dilu-
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increased by giving fluid albuminous food and alco-
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the use of a minimum of iodoform, the patient had lost the
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I of the right ventricle, with its chords I - oginto
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tiva, while their continuation on the cornea was unaffected. He
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of the uterus is said to correspond with that of the axis of the supe-
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by the postero-lateral-post- postero-lateral groups. The second case
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different parts of the cerebrum, often in the vicinity of the corpus striatum,
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44. Hull, et mem. Soc. med. des Hop., Par., 1896, 3 s., xiii.,
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Xeilson brought out the opinion that neither abdominal nor vaginal examina-
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lieved with a mild antiseptic astringent wash. I went over her re-