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The numerous cases of unsuccess where union has been tried, induce

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dition is purely "dynamic"; no disease of nervous tissue could be

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ing. In puerperal peritonitis the distention, owing to the relaxation of

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however, the case may stretch to 3 months before all the

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and was apparently quite normal. At this meeting Mr.

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may be developed by the direct action of mechanical and other irritation,

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and its surrounding tissues. A week later, the tonsil was incised but

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They are very easily recognized as rank-smelling, stout, tall,

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which a family would have to pay in any year would be limited according to its income. The poor would pay no

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ing of the work and the passing of accounts. For in-

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aceclofenac tablets bp monograph

The author, who is Professor of Anatomy in the University

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hastens the disintegrating and separating processes, and at the same

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too large, the animal organism reacts against these toxins

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removal is followed by the discharge of arterial blood, it

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characterize this disease, a variety of venereal is formed, which often

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fevers. A draught of good cold water will often act like a charm, qui-

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offered as a new mydriatic. It has been used with some effect as

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—Bermaphrodism— Expectation of Ufe — Prwamptlon of Death and SnrvlTorship— Beat and Cold

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who accepted the gift on behalf of .the Red Cross Society.

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The Regional Cancer Center '•'Saint Joseph’s Hospital

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Abdominal Distension. — Distension of the intestines is usually an

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In The Lancet of 1890, I recorded a curious observation, that

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and cannot afTect the results of the plant, as to good or evil, in relation

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Copeman, Hsemoglobinuric Fever. A System of Medicine by Th. C. AUbutt. Vol.

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Roosevelt said that he had nothing to say as to the thera-

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however, no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant

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mission was kept up for about an hour. For \ so favourably impressed with a sense of its

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question for the jury. — People v. Cole, New York Court