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cardiac lesion is less obvious than in the others quoted.

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sensation of pruritus. All forms of alcohol are calculated to increase

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seamen of the fleet, in every portion of the world to which it is sent ?

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the muscular system. After a single muscular effort the muscles show

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ful operations reported seems to warrant the statement.

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of-state cancer center for their opinion. All of us encourage

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A distinction of no mean degree has been conferred upon

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Beil., 1875, viii, 212-214. Also: Mitth. d. Gesellsch. f.

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of solids. His weight increased to eighty-nine pounds.

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Ptosis of the liver does not imply that the organ drops directly

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passed and be useful as a guide during the operation, and

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to accomplish. Nevertheless, Dr. Kunde has effected this in frogs, and

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OTHER DISEASES OF THE UTERUS. Fourth Edition, revised, with Additions.

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