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patient is conscious of being observed by others. Preced-
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The mental condition did not permit a careful exam-
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Zur Kenntnus der Augenlinse und deren UntersnchmigsmetJioden.
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of these 14 were district nurses, 6 midwives, 35 private
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an extension of ten days, is hereby granted to Captain J. L.
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ing conclusions: "1. That it can not be foretold exactly in any
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per to bleed. But as these cases cannot be distinctly stated, we
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ill. Two days thereafter the other watchman, who had not left the
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is nevertheless a fact which has been abundantly confirmed,
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in connection with the work of Dr. Florence Sherman, the
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cured by giving pork's liver. In Kwangtung Province human blood is
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the pint— may be used after the bathing, instead of the Sulphur Ointment
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common with many other practitioners, we have had our
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to have existed through several successive generations. The thick
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mass remaining in the right iliac region, larger than the fist. She
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plasma, in order to explain the negative results above mentioned we
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Soluble Prussian Blue. Add a solution of proto-sulphate of
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instances embolism, followed by sudden death, has oc-
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(The Abbey Effervescent Salt Co., Limited, London.)
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boy's parents would not allow the tooth to be examined, it was
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in this region, in incontinence of urine of certain grades, but
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off in saccharine fermentation. Once perceived it is not readily forgotten
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College. New York and London : Macmillan & Co., 1895.
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simple diarrhoea or cholerine being reckoned as cases of cholera.