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A SURE Remedy for Worms in Children, uiach Lozenge contains half a grain of San-

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functional skills such as arm movement and walking.

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because of the small quantity of chlorides therein contained.

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are in no way neurotic is most important, because no ordinary val-

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sheets. Even in warm, summer weather a cold, damp bed will get \\ its deadly

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and Gynecologist to the Philadelphia Lying-in Charity;

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rhoidal vessels being secured early, the amount of haemorrhage was

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action, pointing to fatty degeneration, has diagnostic significance. Sex has

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bilinogen; from the clinical or physiological points of view they have

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spinous processes we may find that some of them are tender ; the patient

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1892 a. — Idem. Ueber die Wanderung des Pentastomum denticulatum. [Review

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consists of acid sodium urate, and at times of free uric acid. (See

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Velpeau, Maisonneuve and a host of others have highly

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than a week in healing, and the neuralgia disappeared at

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can be absolutely traced to infected milk. As bearing

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July, 1920, i. No. 10, p. 593 ; and Paris Med., May 1, 1920, x. No. 18,

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light cloths, and suffered to remain for at least six

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In his professional life, for the first twenty-five years, he followed the

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in few words. A therapeutic index follows, and then come

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thought she squeezed his hand ; and he requested her sister to

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which may be briefly stated as follows : — 1st. That which re-

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